Consulting Services

Each organization presents a different set of dynamics and needs. LeadMTI will provide a customized training package based on the specific needs of our clients. A Needs Assessment will be administered to determine what those needs are and how the LeadMTI team can provide tools and training to fill those needs. Below is a list of possible training solutions:

• The (He)Art of Leadership
• Conflict Management and Coaching Others
• Building Effective Teams
• Principles for Effective Communication
• Building Effective Interpersonal Communication
• Making the Point without Making an Enemy
• Customer Service Training
• Negotiation Training
• Supervisory Training
• FMLA and ADA Training
• Basic Management Training
• Management for Performance
• What organizations need to know about Employment Laws
• Strategic Planning and the Workplace
• Coaching for Improved Employee Performance
• Developing Emotional Intelligence
• Emotional Intelligence and the Brain
• Succession Planning
• Workplace Harassment & Discrimination Training
• Mediation Training
• Train the Trainer Workshops
• Supervisor Refresher Training
• New Supervisor Training
• Stress Management
• Interviewing to obtain the best employee
• Preparing for Employment Training
• Diversity Training
• Ethics Training
• Behavioral Interviews
• Effective Ways to Deal with Criticism
• Generations in the Workforce

Please let us know how we may help you and your organization. Call us to schedule an initial consultation at (336) 841-LEAD or (336) 841-5323.

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