Leadership Consultants

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.

Kaye A. Bonnick, President

Kaye is the President of the Leadership and Management Training Institute. Kaye’s foray into leadership started at an early age throughout high school and has followed her through life. She started her career with the multinational entity, 3M Inc. There she learnt how to work across different levels within the organization in balancing the needs of the “internal customer” and the “external customer”. Kaye had to be able to understand the needs of both groups and advocate for process changes that would accomplish corporate objectives and retain customer satisfaction. Kaye was always recognized for being “able to see the big picture”. After leaving 3M to pursue advanced education, Kaye decided to work for a family business and was integral in helping that entity to expand its services and triple its earnings.

Kaye holds a Bachelor of Science in Management, a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, and a Graduate Diploma in Accounting. She is also the author of “Why Too Big to Fail? – How the Regulatory System Failed the American People”. Kaye is very passionate about education and developing individuals so that the larger group can benefit and progress. LeadMTI is a culmination of that passion and vision.

Sharisse C. Fuller, Vice-President

Organizational Development and Human Resources Consultant

Sharisse is a Vice President for LeadMTI and the Lead, Training and Leadership Development Consultant. She has a unique ability to help clients identify core values and motivators. She collaborates with her clients in developing career management and performance plans to achieve progressive success. Sharisse develops rapport easily with staff at all levels in the organization and creates an environment conducive for learning and change. She understands the importance of continually building the skills and knowledge required to be effective in a changing world. As a result, Sharisse can strengthen the skills of individuals to build quality organizations by engaging her clients in leveraging their strengths to achieve their full potential.

Sharisse provides expert training, consultation and workforce development for government, private sector and nonprofit organizations. Her professional career of over 30-years provided Sharisse with a broad range of experience including trainer/consultant to management and staff in the areas of overall leadership development which included succession planning, strategic planning, performance management, employee relations, coaching for improved employee performance, teambuilding, DISC trainer, employment law, communication skills, conflict management, emotional intelligence, working with a multi-generation workforce, and she provides train-the-trainer courses, etc. The experience Sharisse gained allows her to readily connect and understand her clients’ environment and culture.

Sharisse’s professional career includes the highest leadership roles with the third largest County in the State of North Carolina. She also served as a graduate school adjunct professor for several years at one of the largest universities in North Carolina. She has a B.S. in Business Administration; Master’s in Business Administration and has done graduate work in counseling. Sharisse also possesses a number of certifications, including certified DISC trainer, certified Mediator, certifications in coaching, employment law and other areas of study. Sharisse serves on several public and private boards.

Dave A. Spence, Vice-President

Marketing and Operations

Rev Dave Spence is a Vice President for LeadMTI and a Leadership Development Consultant. He has a wide range of experience in organizational leadership, consulting and social development. He has been leading people since his early years as a successful high school athlete and his involvement in leading student government. Professionally his experience ranges from Banking to Business Entrepreneurship, to Church leadership and as Adjunct Professor of Theology and Psychology at The International University of the Caribbean.

Dave has had an outstanding career as a leader in the NGO and voluntary sector. He has served as a consultant to international financial organizations and foundations, such as the Inter-American Development Bank / World Bank and the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica. He served on the board of the Institute of Jamaica/ Natural History Museum for two years.

Among his many achievements he would consider his role in shaping a national development plan for Jamaica, a role that required broad-based consultations with a large number of stakeholders in the Jamaican economy and society as a capstone to his work in national development. As a social commentator he has co-hosted a news commentary “Issues in the News” on LOVE 101where he led discussions on current issues in the news from the perspective of the Church.

Internationally his role in negotiating a partnership agreement between the Caribbean and North American Council for Mission, an organization representing 23 church denominations in the Caribbean in North America and the Caribbean and North American Area Council of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches a union of more than 700 church denominations worldwide was outstanding.

Academically Dave holds a Bachelor of Arts with honors from the University of the West Indies; a Diploma in Banking from The Institute of Canadian Bankers and Magill University; a Master of Divinity from the United Theological College of the West Indies and is a candidate for a Master of Arts in Pastoral Psychology and Counseling from the University of Alberta, Canada.

Dave has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to national development by the Jamaican Government, particularly for his contribution in education, as well as the Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta Georgia for his outstanding work as a Pastor.