Who We Are


The Leadership and Management Training Institute, LeadMTI, was created to provide leadership and management training for organizations and individuals. The ultimate goal of LeadMTI is to share a multidimensional approach with the leaders of our community.

Leaders exist in every type organization, institution, social group, team and household. Leaders exist not because of a title they hold, but rather leaders evolve when others are willing to follow them.

LeadMTI recognizes that for an organization or group to continue being successful, there must be synergistic leadership throughout that organization. Our programs are therefore created to meet the needs of leaders with various levels of experience and responsibility.

As a full service human resources consulting entity, we will also develop customized training and consulting programs for our clients to meet their specific needs.

At LeadMTI:

  • We believe that simplicity is effective.
  • We believe that leaders should lead with the confidence of one voice.
  • We believe that managers are essential to the execution of a vision.
  • We believe that training is a must for keeping talent sharp and current.
  • We believe that successful implementation requires leadership, management and training.


As an Enterprise, the Leadership and Management Training Institute exists to create a space for our clients to explore the matters that will create value for their businesses and through that exploration fulfill their purpose.


LeadMTI lives out its vision when:

  • Our clients maximize their success as a result of their participation in the offerings of LeadMTI.
  • Our clients reach beyond what they have always known; to act in new and creative ways.
  • Our clients act in ways that seek simplicity; to learn from the inside out; to be so transformed that their actions will naturally lead to winning results in their chosen undertakings.
  • Our Clients are encouraged to push beyond their comfort zone; growth takes place on the inside and manifests outside as confidence in applying what they have learned and once achieved, their circle has widened.
  • Our Clients will have an extraordinary customer experience when doing business with LeadMTI.
  • Our clients’ success and satisfaction creates business growth and financial returns for LeadMTI.